Mini Tablets

By providing manufacturing and packaging services for a broad range of specialized dosage forms, including micro and mini tablets, Cambrex seeks to increase flexibility for our customers and help them meet market demands.

Mini tablets are popular for both pediatric and adult formulations and can help increase compliance. For younger age groups, or for patient populations who may have problems swallowing large, whole tablets, mini tablets provide an advantage as they are easier to administer by dispersion into food or beverage. Mini-tablet formulations can include taste-masking excipients or functional film coatings based on specific requirements.

For mini tablets and all the varied dosage forms we support, our experts work closely with you from pharmaceutical development and registration to commercial manufacturing. We are with you every step of the way to help you bring your drug product to market as efficiently as possible.

When you partner with Cambrex, you gain a high level of expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We manufacture mini tablets at our drug product facilities in Mirabel, Quebec, and Whippany, NJ. Powder blending, compression, and film-coating can be conducted at both sites. At our Whippany site, we can perform aqueous or solvent coating in a fluidized bed and can package mini tablets in stick packs.


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